Thursday, April 17, 2014

St. Louis Convention!

St. Louis Convention!
 Kinley loving her brother in the airport!
 Convention with Carrie and Summer, love these ladies!
 Carrie and I
 Kinley got to celebrate her 3rd birthday with Brian and their family up in St. Louis!

 Carter got a hold of one of the cupcake wrappers when we weren't paying attention and went to town :)
 Kinley got to meet my best friend Whitney's little girl Henley.
 Grandma and Kinley making homemade donuts. You can't celebrate fall without some yummy donuts, especially If were home and have grandmas help!

We headed out to St. Louis this month to go to a convention I had for LifeVantage (A part time business I started). When I heard it was in St. Louis it made for a perfect excuse to go home and spend time with family! We spent a week in Springfield with Grandma and Grandpa Bushman and the weekend up in St. Louis with Uncle Brian's family!!! Kinley had a blast getting to spend time with all her cousins and the grandparents!! Wish we could have stayed longer!!

6 months Old!!

My little Carter Man is 6 months old! He is still such a happy content little guy! Carter is a good napper. He wakes up once a night to eat and is loving Rice cereal and baby food. He has started crawling this month and is already pulling himself up to furniture. (I am soooo not ready for this yet)! He loves to say MAMA and I love the way he says it! This kid absolutely loves bath time and splashing in the water. He is all boy and loves anything and everything that has to do with Balls. He throws the ball around and plays catch with daddy! He is super ticklish too, especially under his neck and on his thighs! Carter has been such a fun baby. I've really been able to enjoy each stage a little more with him then I did with Kinley, just because I know a little more of  what to expect and I'm not stressing as much about the little things! His cute smile and giggle melt my heart! I love you Carter! :)

Height- 27.75 inches (84th%)
Weight- 16.42 lbs. (23rd%)

Halloween 2013

 Two cuties before we left for the Ward Halloween Party!
 She makes such a cute little pirate princess.

 My little Dino Man.
 Some of the Cool Trunks they had at the Ward Trunk or Treat.

 He was tuckered out by the end of the night!

Halloween night we went to a ward Trunk or Treat and then went with Robins family trick or treating down Country Lane (A really popular trick or treating spot). We got free popcorn and Kinley and Carter loved all the candy they got. It was fun for them to see all the costumes and stuff too. Right before we left I made the mistake of taking Kinley to one house that looked like they had fake people all over the yard. I thought maybe one of them was real and it would be funny to kind of scare her. Well turns out all 6 were real and went they all came into scare us Kinley had a major melt down (WORST MOM EVER AWARD). The whole ride home she was crying about the scary monsters coming to get her. Eric is never going to let that one down, I just feel awful and I'm pretty sure I scarred my kid for life! Lets just hope she forgets so Halloween is fun for her next year! Other than that the kids had a great time and got PLENTY of candy!

Staheli Farms and Pumpkin Carving

Staheli Farms Adventures!
 Kinley was a pro at the barn swings. I tell ya this girl has absolutely No Fear!
 Steering the pirate ship!
 My handsome little dude.

 Going down the slide.

 Talking to the Turkeys

Kinley loved this pot belly pig they had.
Thanks to Uncle Nate we got some free tickets to go to Staheli farms! We had a great time with the petting zoo, swings, slides, hay rides and other fun stuff they had there! Kinley even got to dance with a witch and loved being up on stage! This is always a fun thing to do during this time of year!!
Carving Pumpkins
We invited Robin and CJ and their little family over to carve pumpkins with us one night for Family Home Evening. The boys did most of the carving with the girls, while we visited! I know we are chickens and didn't want our hands to get all dirty from the guts :) They did an awesome job though and we had cool pumpkins to display for Halloween!

The Deer Hunt!

Deer Hunt 2013

Eric was really excited to be back in town to be able to go on the deer hunt with the boys. They had a great time out in the hills and both Eric and Brock came home with pretty amazing sized bucks! They were nice enough that he definitely wanted to Mount the horns! Eric killed his deer on the Tortuous Reserve so they had to drag it off the land to load it in the truck. The deer was so heavy that they almost left it a couple times cause it was so hard to try and carry! But those boys are tough and got it there and now we have a freezer full of Deer Meat!! Now I'm just trying to figure out what to do with all this breakfast sausage!

Kinleys 3rd Birthday Party!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Kinley Bug!

 Kinley cheesin it with her cake.
 Here was my best attempt at a princess cake, ha. All that matters is that she loved it!
 Eating her Cake and Ice Cream with friends.

 Opening up some presents.

Kinley got to have a little friend birthday party at the park this year. We invited some close friends and just enjoyed the nice weather and let the kids play at the park!! We attempted a fun balloon game with paddles that the kids got to draw, but it was way to windy for it to really work. Thanks to all those who came and made kinley feel special, she loved it!! I'm still a little in denial that she is 3 already, its craziness and I'm a little sad she's growing up so fast! Lets just hope we are over those terrible two's and that age 3 gets a little easier!

Swiss Days 5k/Parade!

 Carter and Mckenna
 Kinley and Logan got to be in the parade for the Youngest Kids to finish the 5K!
 Throwing out candy in the parade!
 Uncle Miah and Carter hanging out getting candy!
 Kinley and Grandma Drake watching the Floats!
 The beginning of the Morning 5k run!
 Kinley and Logan getting the Cow Bell medals for winning the Youngest Racers.

 Our winners with the Swiss day cow in front of Grandma and Grandpas house.
It has become a family tradition to Run the 5k during Swiss days! Its even more of a tradition that one of the grandkids wins the youngest runner award. I think this is our 3rd or 4th year of having one of the kids win it! We were so proud of Kinley finishing the whole 5k by herself. We worried at the beginning because it was pretty chilly that morning and she asked to be held several times, but we pushed her to the end!! Grandma Drake got to stroll carter and hank in the jogging stroller, while Eric and I helped Kinley along. Kinley one a prize at the end for being the youngest racer and she got to ride in the parade and throw out candy!! We had an awesome time, and we always look forward to Swiss days and hanging out with family!